When I first started MetaLab, Dan Cederholm was my hero. Bulletproof Web Design was the first book I read when I was learning the ropes, and I regularly reverse engineered his stylesheets on SimpleBits to learn CSS tricks. Anything he did, I did, and I drove my early frontend developers nuts, getting them to implement every little 1-pixel detail I’d learned from Dan.

To give you a sense of what Dave was contending with, here’s a photo of me holding the first iPhone.
  1. Has a long-term time horizon and no need to sell the business in the short-term (private equity) or turn it into a unicorn moonshot (venture capital).
  2. Wants them to stay involved and continue to own a large chunk of the business and will keep the team together.

I run Tiny (www.tinycapital.com). @awilkinson