• Kelly Clay

    Kelly Clay

  • Krzysztof Przybylak

    Krzysztof Przybylak

    Looking for Seed-stage startups from Central and Eastern Europe. Reach out to me on LinkedIn

  • Nima


  • Derek Sivers

    Derek Sivers

    I've been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher. See https://sivers.org/

  • Paresh Deshpande

    Paresh Deshpande

  • Ragib Ahsanul Huda

    Ragib Ahsanul Huda

    A passionate problem solver who likes to read and listen .

  • Carolyne Mweberi

    Carolyne Mweberi

    Snr. Product Marketing Manager | B2B SaaS | My real passion is introducing and scaling new products and technologies into nascent markets in Africa

  • Filip K

    Filip K

    Mr Coffee

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