The Power of Anti-Goals

How I designed my perfect day by fixating on what I hate

  1. A packed calendar
  2. Dealing with people we don’t like or trust
  3. Owing people things / not being in control / obligations
  4. Having to be at the office
  5. Travel
  6. Tired
  1. No more than 2 hours of scheduled time per day
  2. No business or obligations with people we don’t like—even just a slight bad vibe and it’s a hard no
  3. Never give up voting control of our businesses, no favors from people who could need something from us (ensure the rule of reciprocity doesn’t kick in)
  4. Work from a cafe across from a beautiful park where we can come and go as we please with nobody to bother us
  5. Video conference or pay for people to come visit us
  6. Never schedule morning meetings, sleep in when needed

I run Tiny ( @awilkinson